Chris Arnott

Chris Arnott

Chris Arnott wants to change the way Australians move. Chris is evangelical about plain clothes riding and its potential to transform lives and communities. Chris wants to make it as easy as possible for all Australians to experience the benefits and freedom of using high quality, Dutch style eBikes to replace car trips.

Chris now wants to wield his entrepreneurial skill and environmental passion to transform inner urban mobility in Australia through Kola, a first-in-the-world*, fully recycled, eBike subscription company. Kola offers the highest quality, recycled, fit-for-purpose, Dutch style eBikes as fleets to organisations, or direct to riders for a small weekly fee with maintenance and insurance included. All Kola eBikes come with lights, a lock, a crate, and navigational aids allowing for the best rider experience, ongoing use and for happier, healthier riders leading to greener, more liveable communities and cities.
Trained as an environmental scientist, Chris is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost authorities in the management of natural resources. Over his 25 year career he advised state and federal governments across Australia and overseas including Iran, Jordan and China. Chris established a track record of using business as a force for good by founding multiple consulting firms, including B-Corps Alluvium Consulting and Aither. Chris sees an incredible opportunity to bring that mindset to Kola, which commences life as a fully circular, for-purpose eBike company.
Chris is a current Director of the Peter Cullen Trust, a former Deputy Chairman of the Victorian Catchment Management Council and former Chairman of Engineers Without Borders Australia.
Visit RideKola to learn more. * He's pretty sure RideHola is the first and hasn't found anyone doing this, but if you do, he'd love to know.