Monica Olyslagers

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Monica Olyslagers

Monica Olyslagers is the Global Innovation Manager and Cities Specialist for the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), a registered charity dedicated to saving lives by eliminating high risk roads throughout the world.

She oversees the organisation's ‘AiRAP’ program for the accelerated and intelligent collection of data for road safety assessments, and CycleRAP, a bicycling and micro-mobility risk assessment model.

Monica joined the iRAP team in 2015 as the Programme Coordinator for iRAP’s projects under the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety.

She previously worked in the Australian Government’s transport ministry (2007-14), including aviation safety in the PNG and Pacific, the national urban policy and cycling strategy, high speed rail feasibility assessment, and transport policy development. Monica has a keen interest in improving urban environments for all people, for a healthier, safer, and more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future.

She holds a Master’s degree in Development Planning and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and the Arts. Monica lives in Guangzhou, China.

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