The Community Benefit of Supporting the Operators Bottom Line

Speaker: Dan Barr

Scheduled in program: Saturday, 26th November 1:00 - 1:30 PM
Spin Cycle in Theme: Making it Pay

Shared micromobility provides a unique opportunity to respond to a suite of urban concerns that are common to many cities throughout Asia Pacific – congestion, carbon emissions, transport equity and economic activation. All at little to no cost to the rate payer.

However, as we have seen over the last few years this also comes with challenges including public realm clutter and safety concerns. This has led to the trend of cities who are a few years into their micromobility journey resolving these challenges through best practice technology, supportive operations and a more experienced micromobility community (riders and non-riders).

It is these cities that see the success of shared e-scooter programs as being aligned with their own policy ambitions, that form strong collaborations with leading operators. In many ways, there is a growing understanding that there is shared benefit for both cities and operators in forming strong partnerships that ensure commercial success for operators.

This trend leads to exclusive approvals (with appropriate KPI’s), increased deployment numbers and broader operating areas. Cities and the communities they represent are provided with improved customer experience, leading technology, responsive deployment density and supportive operations.