A Perth family’s cargo bike journey: from interest to changemaker

Speaker: Matthew Root

Scheduled in program: Friday, 25 November, 03:30 - 03:55 PM

Spin Cycle

Urban planning has a direct effect on pre-schoolers and little people under 95cm. That fact underpins the initiative called Urban95. And it is why transport planning consultant Matt Root investigates his son’s experience as they sat in the front of their family cargo bike

Matt is joint owner of Perth based transport planning consultancy Flyt and will present his family’s cargo bike journey in 3 parts:

  • from cargo bike INTEREST “those bike look amazing and practical”
  • to cargo bike OWNERSHIP “with 3 little kids we need one for the school run”
  • to community CHANGEMAKER! “it’s time to show friends, colleagues and the community how our cargo bike is an essential part of the family”