Day Two: Making it Pay

Micromobility Conference Program - Making it Pay 2

How we’ll run Micromobility’s economic engine This will be a deep dive into the business of micromobility. The traditional bicycle industry, which is now two centuries old, has been turned on its head in recent years by a perfect storm of changes including the massive growth of electric power assist and new device platforms, an…

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Day Two: Making it Happen

Micromobility Conference Program - Making it Happen 2

Changing mobility behaviour and social attitudes It has been said that ‘the only constant is change’ but paradoxically, the human psyche is hard-wired to resist change at every opportunity, preferring to stick with the comfort of what is familiar. This can prove to be a major roadblock – or perhaps shared path block – for…

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Day One: Making it There

Micromobility Conference Program - Making it There 1

The coming transport and logistics revolution During covid we’ve all been part of the unprecedented boom in online commerce – and we’ve all experienced delays in receiving our orders when the existing logistics system has been creaking under the strain of record volumes. We’re not just talking about parcels, but delivery of food, both groceries…

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Day One: Making it Right

Micromobility Conference Program - Making it Right Perth

Designing and building better infrastructure For micromobility to fully flourish it needs appropriate infrastructure. This includes everything from footpaths to shared paths, dedicated cycleways, mountain bike and rail trails, public parking and end of trip facilities. Funding for micromobility infrastructure has been growing significantly in recent years. It’s being accelerated by some strong tailwinds including…

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