The currency of change – a strategy to overcome community resistance (and build your industry)

Speaker: Mark Ames

Scheduled in program: Saturday, 26 November, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM


Keynote in theme: Making it Pay

In contested cities, community resistance to change has the potential to derail active travel projects – leading to fewer customers for Australia’s nascent micromobility industry.

Mark Ames will draw on his extensive experience working with cities around the world to highlight why resistance to urban change happens, how it can be managed, and why all of us have a role to play.

He’ll highlight what major employers and landowners are doing in Macquarie Park to support active travel – and why – and share a story of how a local active transport connection was derailed.

Finally, he’ll propose a strategy for the micromobility industry to help enable change - and grow the size of your industry in the process.