How an algorithm makes cycling safer in Sydney and Melbourne

Speaker: Max Wang

Scheduled in program: Saturday, 26 November, 02:30 PM - 03:00 PM


Keynote in Theme: Making it pay

A new safe cycle route algorithm and mobile app, developed in Victoria, is enabling riders to find the safest, easiest or most direct way to get to their destinations.

Intelematics, a technology and mobility solutions enterprise owned by the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV), developed the algorithm and app in collaboration with the RACV, government transport authorities and mobility member organisations.

Max Wang, the Senior Product Manager at Intelematics, will discuss the technology, how it's supporting new and aspiring riders to feel more confident to travel by bike and what can be done to further remove barriers to micromobility.

The app enables riders to avoid busy roads and locate bike-specific infrastructure to enhance the riding experience, whether it’s for pleasure, fitness or commuting.

It provides turn-by-turn voice guidance and new bike-centric features such as bike tours and directions to places of interest, such as bike pumps, drinking stations, bike parking, bike-accessible train stations and lifts.

Intelematics is supporting e-bike subscription company Lug & Carrie on several initiatives, in conjunction with local government in Melbourne and Sydney, to make it easier for Lug & Carrie customers to use their e-bikes as a substitute for a second vehicle, focusing on navigating safely to school, shops and work.

Max says by partnering with government, member organisations and private enterprise, behaviour change can be created and sustained by overcoming barriers such as safety fears, fitness levels and time constraints.

Intelematics has delivered B2B solutions across Australia, North America, and Europe, with some of the world’s most respected technology and automotive brands.