The magic of transparency: how shared data can align interests and make regulation easier

Speaker: Michael Schwartz

Scheduled in program: Friday, 25 November, 02:02 - 02:30 PM


Panel Session in theme: Making it There 

When shared micromobility first launched, there was a lack of data standardisation or even sharing protocols. This caused confusion and friction in implementing regulations, while also making it hard to understand the impacts of programs.

The emergence of the Mobility Data Specification and the resulting ecosystem of tools and data analysis have given public agencies and operators common points of reference to discuss issues and opportunities around program policies. New capabilities allow more dynamic policy building that are responsive to outcomes on the ground.

Michael Schwartz leads the shared micromobility practice of US-based company Ride Report, a shared mobility management platform that automatically collects data to help government monitor and manage active transport in their areas.

He will discuss how shared micromobility is creating precedent for how transportation can be managed, measured and planned with transparent rules and data.

As basic needs around micromobility management have emerged and been addressed, there has been new interest in sharing data more broadly. Tools like the Global Micromobility Index on Ride Report's Public Micromobility Dashboard ( have allowed agency program managers to compare their programs to others, while allowing third-party stakeholders such as planners, researchers, and advocates to better understand program impacts and plan for new infrastructure.