Safe and Active Roads to School – Wollongong

Speaker: Jon Lindley

Scheduled in program: Saturday, 26th November 3:30 - 4:00 PM


Shared Keynote in Theme: Making it Happen

Effective engagement with students is central to a successful walk and cycle to school program.

Healthy Cities Illawarra representative Jon Lindley explains how the group's Safe and Active Roads to School program educated school children on the benefits of walking and cycling to school and about how 30kmh speed limits are used around the world to enable young people to walk or ride safely.

Jon led the program's advocacy with schools, engaging with the students and the wider school communities.

His presentation will discuss the strategies used to engage with the children, principals and Parents & Citizen committees.

Some of the strategies were based on what UK cities are doing when they introduce 20mph speed limits in their council areas.