Rental e-scooters are boosting local economies in turbulent times

Speaker: Tim Morris

Scheduled in program: Friday, 25 November, 11:00 - 11:25 AM


Special announcement in theme: Making it There

Cities around the world are searching for greener transport solutions that can integrate well with existing public transit networks. Four years on from the introduction of e-scooters onto Australian streets, rental micromobility operators like Neuron Mobility have become embedded in local ecosystems. Beyond offering a safe, sustainable and convenient alternative to short car trips, Neuron e-scooters have also been found to inject a much needed boost into local economies.

Neuron’s Regional Manager for NSW & Queensland, Tim Morris, will present an industry-first economic impact report Shared Rides Shared Wealth, quantifying the economic impact e-scooters are having on cities. Supported by analysis from leading Queensland economist Nick Behrens, the presentation will demonstrate how rental e-scooter programs are contributing significantly to local economies across Australia.

Even as businesses bounce back from the pandemic, worker shortages and rising costs of living mean many are operating in a challenging environment. Neuron’s research will offer insights into how e-scooter programs can offer a helping hand to local communities and businesses, and the role of micromobility in the urban transportation networks of the future.