Accelerating Micromobility Transitions NSW

Speaker: Megan Sharkey

Scheduled in program: Friday, 25th November 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM


Shared Keynote in Theme: Making it Happen

Accelerating micromobility transitions doesn’t need to be difficult. Across the globe we are seeing social, cultural, and infrastructure changes towards a new transport paradigm that puts pedestrians, bike riding and micromobility first.

Keynote speaker Megan Sharkey will discuss her PhD research and experience creating and accelerating micromobility transitions. Megan created a Framework for Change used for the London Cycling Campaign. The framework makes it simpler to build a movement and coalitions, to create measurable goals and visions, and understand who can change policy and infrastructure.

Megan will highlight how actions and events that unfold represent micro-accelerations or micro-decelerations and can lead to better understanding of potential transition pathways and transition goals.

Her talk will illustrate the role of grassroots movements in the social and political changes required for sustainable socio-technical transitions.

Lastly, the keynote presentation will connect these lessons into what is missing from NSW and how the State can accelerate its own micromobility transition.