But we’re not Amsterdam! Why London, New York and others might be better role models for the short term

Speaker: James Laing

Scheduled in program: Friday, 25th November 3:30 - 4:00 PM


Theme: Making it Right

“But, but, but we are not Amsterdam, we are not Copenhagen or London”

Transport Designer James Laing explores London’s transformation from active transport laggard to becoming another cycling success story Australia “cannot possibly be compared to”. The UK ex-pat says cities like London, Toronto and New York – which have made incredible advances in promoting active transport – are good short-term roles models for Australia to improve its own cycling environments. His presentation will use a street near Royal Randwick Racecourse to demonstrate good design in an Australian setting.

James says back in 2007, when the Tour de France started igniting the flames for better cycling infrastructure in the UK, people would have laughed if London had been mentioned in the same breath as some of its European neighbours. He will examine its successes and infrastructure development, and compare it to Australia’s experience.

He will consider how Australia will need to go beyond those international benchmarks, to accommodate new and faster forms of micromobility. It will take more than wider bike lanes to ensure they can coexist with pedestrians and cyclists.

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