Learnings from abroad: the successful transition to light electric vehicles for last-mile delivery

Speaker: Jules Flynn

Scheduled in program: Friday, 25th November 11:30 am - 12:00 noon


Spin Cycle in Theme: Making it There

Jules Flynn, one of the world’s leading authorities on last-mile deliveries, explores the crucial need for Australian logistics and retail operators to change their approach to last-mile delivery and make a shift away from petrol-fuelled vehicles. He will highlight how fleet management and delivery solutions - in addition to the choice of vehicles - can maximise business operations, improve an organisation’s bottom line and transform its sustainability credentials.

Logistics providers and retailers across the globe are changing their approach to delivering goods in cities. The global transport sector generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions and research has shown businesses have the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 75% by switching deliveries from vans to e-bikes.

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